In our current era, definitions of affluence and fulfillment are changing. Architecture, with an integral relationship to human beings and to the environment, society, and our future, is a key field in which new values are being sought. In this context the role of lighting, which works together with architecture and clarifies its message while creating atmosphere and stimulating human emotions, is bound to grow ever more important. With SmartArchi, we at Panasonic aim to develop lighting that broadly expands the creative freedom of the architect, from the three vantage points of scientific lighting methodology, design, and light quality. To this end we have developed an index measuring human sense of brightness known as “Feu,” an innovation that turns the focus in
lighting design from the conventional “illuminance,” the amount of light striking a surface, to “luminance,” the human sense of brightness. The goal is lighting design that effectively utilizes the new performance standards offered by LED, SmartArchi is a system that can deliver the pleasant and environmentally responsible lighting that people want today.


The basic idea: Lighting design
based around human sense of brightness

What’s the best way to create an eco-conscious, efficient and pleasant lighting environment? How is this effort affected by the ongoing diversification of lighting, with increased emphasis on indirect and architectural light sources? What sort of lighting is most appropriate for today’s office environments, where computers play a central role? These are just some of the considerations that cannot be addressed effectively with conventional lighting design based around “illuminance,” the amount of light striking a surface. Panasonic was quick to catch on to this new reality, and has been focusing on both “hard” (lighting fixture) and “soft” (visual environment) aspects as we pursue an industry-leading approach to lighting design based instead around “luminance,” intensity of light emitted from reflected surface. A key part of the “soft” side of this endeavor has been the development of “Feu,” a spatial brightness-level index that quantitatively measures human sense of brightness. SmartArchi builds on scientific data derived from this index to heighten lighting performance and move forward with luminance-based lighting design. There have been challenges, such as how to go about creating illuminated surfaces with a high uniformity ratio, how to achieve glarefree light, and how to get the greatest subjective spatial brightness with a minimum number of lighting fixtures. Maximizing lighting performance and making dramatic improvements to light environments through a new, luminance-based lighting design approach: this is the central innovation of SmartArchi.


Four areas of focus: “Light,” “Design,” “Materials and Quality,”
and “Spatial Environments”

The era when “the brighter, the better” was the conventional wisdom has ended, and people are re-examining the roles that lighting plays in our lives. People are looking for lighting that is sophisticated and beautiful, creating an emotionally fulfilling and enriching human-oriented environment; In other words, lighting that is environmentally friendly, and at the same time effectively delivers the optimum amount of light for the room’s purpose. SmartArchi utilizes highly advanced technology to provide the elegant lighting that people seek, focusing attention on both illuminated surfaces and light-emitting surfaces. Through sophisticated optical design technology incorporating lenses, SmartArchi extracts maximum performance from limited quantities of light and utilizes the properties of LED to achieve lighting of the highest efficiency. Sophisticated lightdistribution design technology produces illuminated surfaces with elegant quality and a high degree of uniformity. Stress-free, glareless light is achieved through dramatic improvements to the performance of reflective surfaces. Bringing all of our amassed technologies to bear on the mission of refining quality of light. This is the philosophy behind SmartArchi. Another goal of SmartArchi is lighting design that is fully integrated with architecture. We consistently pay scrupulous attention to detail, seamless compatibility with architectural design, and impeccable quality down to the smallest screw. SmartArchi blends synergistically with the architect’s vision and provides added inspiration. SmartArchi: the new design frontier is here.